Thursday, 19 June 2008


Today I visited the allotment twice and its been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.

Huw was not happy that we had visited in the daytime I managed to check around the plot and do a bit of hand weeding. It was very depressing as my courgette has been eaten the mange tout are dying and the dwarf beans are yellowing. My broad beans have extensive black fly. On the plus side my firetongue beans are germinating and my spinach has appeared in a nice neat row. There are some raspberries to be picked.

Most annoyingly my neighbours had chucked their wheel free wheelbarrow onto my plot. I chucked it back. What will be their next move? Have I declared war? I think they think the front part of our plot is abandoned but we have 5 poles not 2.5 poles like them so yes I am growing nettles and waist high grass on the front half of the plot.

I left in a huff with screaming baby accompaniment.

After a few hours of cooling off and rallying my gardening spirit I returned this evening. (No sign of the neighbours thank goodness)

The highlights of a lovely evening at the plot were digging the old failed salad bed ready for my pak choi seeds to go in.

Picking some raspberries our first bit of produce from the green patch

I hope to do a visit tomorrow evening with the strimmer.

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