Sunday, 22 June 2008

Sunday outing

Our allotment association had their annual outing today the site was noticeably quiet and the shop was shut (it only opens on a Sunday).

We all went to the patch and for me it was a bit of a mixed blessing, as all but me would rather be somewhere else it felt. I finished the area of digging and weeded around the fruit bushes. Owen helped me sow some pak choi. John elected to do some strimming but he couldn't get the strimmer fired up either (not just my incompetence but its malfunctioning after just a couple of uses how expensive). I feel that I will be reading the manual as bedtime reading tonight hope they have a comprehensive trouble shooting section.

Owen watered my trainers while I was wearing my gardening shoes which was an unexpected bonus for the day. This picture was taken by Owen of me (its rare that I appear in photos) and he just took one shot it seems very well composed for a five year old perhaps he will catch my photography bug.

We had our own outing in the afternoon as a nearby village had an open garden event it was a lovely insight into what can be done with different style gardens although most were classically cottagey which wouldn't work for our place. Owen really loved the ponds he spotted a frog in one of them. It was a little stressful to keep him under control in some of the gardens he seems to have this headstrong independent streak at the moment and just tries to go off and explore on his own.

I read yesterday's Guardian magazine and its uplifting piece on still being able to sow things and having a second chance of getting good produce. Therefore I have bought some kale and rocket seeds to expand what we may have available to eat into the autumn.

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Titania said...

Rhiannon thank you for your comment. Yes, let your children paint the veggie patch and yourself in your sunhat in the garden. This would make a good picture. I wish you luck with your vegetable growing. It is always a up and down, but its always worthwhile because you get rewards when eating "the fruits" of your labour. It is great that you could harvest so many raspberries.