Monday, 9 June 2008

Unexpected casualties

I nipped down to the patch this evening just to water and check on yesterday's plantings. The mange tout survived the night, the courgette has been munched heavily so may last just one more night, the sweetcorn may need a little TLC, some of the red cabbage are slowly reviving and the dwarf french beans are looking good.

My neighbour has kindly strimmed our shared path, I must say a big thank you to him as it makes the place better to look at. Sadly two of my gladioli have been caught in the process. I'm glad that I weeded them last week or I might have lost the lot as they were completely invisible in amongst the weeds.

For a change I thought I might list a few jobs for this week and see if that is what I end up doing
  • sow more radish and beetroot
  • clear failed salad bed and sow Pak Choi seed (new acquisition) in there
  • strim path in middle of patch
  • dig an area currently under weed suppressing fabric
  • plant out leeks
  • sow sunflowers and marrow with Owen (a bit late I know)
  • tidy up the piles of weeding debris around the patch
I've also had a little splurge and bought some labels and wax tops for preserving, I plan to make gooseberry chutney, I will be making chutney for the first time ever. I cleared some of the dubious looking jars which were half eaten and ancient at the back of the fridge today and have recycled the glass jars ready, but surprisingly the yield was only three. I will need more if I try to make jam as well. But for now I'm watching the gooseberries to see when they will be ready.

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