Saturday, 7 June 2008


In the corner of my garden is a greenhouse. When we bought our house I was pleased that it had a good greenhouse in the garden, it was fully functioning when we viewed the property. By the time that we moved in panes had been broken by the vendors and golf balls were found inside! The previous owners cats had been using it as a toilet, as well I think.
I was a little disheartened with the house purchase anyway, it was not the sort of house I thought I would live in, but that was the market at the time, so hey ho. My disenchantment with our property has meant I ignored sorting out the greenhouse and it has fallen further into disrepair.(Remember I have said previously that my neighbours would be surprised that I have an interest in gardening.) So more panes have been broken by storms and an elderflower tree weaves its way through its frame.
The greenhouse has stood sadly forgotten and neglected while I had my first baby. But now I need a greenhouse for propagating plants to support the allotment. So many people are desperate for a greenhouse on freecycle I see regular requests, even if it is in this state.
So what should I do? Repair it, or recycle it and not have a greenhouse? Or dare I say it, replace it?
It takes up quite a bit of space in a small garden and is overshadowed by conifers.
I had thought to put a raised bed for salad vegetables/herbs and coldframe in its place. I could move the greenhouse to the allotment or completely get rid of it. Or I could fix it for the short term while I decide what to do with the garden space. I'm not even sure if I know how to fix it.
I keep changing my mind.

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